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Epsom Salts Bath Bomb x 1


Create the perfect at home spa experience, with our Epsom Salts and Sandalwood Essential Oil Giant Bath Fizzers.

As the ideal treatment to relax the mind and body, transforming your bath water to include essential vitamins and minerals has never been easier. The Giant Bath Fizzer instantly infuses the water with precious and natural ingredients, to provide an indulgent soak that will revive and revitalize.

With Epsom Salts, also known as Magnesium Sulphate, this naturally occurring compound boasts a variety of wonderful benefits. From soothing muscle and joint pain to improving insomnia and stress, a weekly treatment will greatly benefit your mind and body.

The addition of sodium bicarbonate and sandalwood essential oils provides further benefits. Sodium Bicarbonate detoxifies, while sandalwood encourages mental clarity and relaxation.

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